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  • New Owner

    3 July at 12:19 from atlas

    NEW OWNER: Ownership of LeaseLeaves has transferred to Deborah Harris (Ph. 0476 138 903). A renewed, keen passion for indoor plants will be reflected in the quality of our service from now-on.

    OUR VISION for the future includes expansion into even more towns in northern NSW. So, for example, if you would like to enhance your business in Narrabri, we would love to hear from you. LeaseLeaves has 20 years of experience in tailoring interior plant displays to the needs of businesses and private homes. Please contact us for a professional, obligation-free, plantscape consultation. You may be pleasantly surprised at our affordable weekly rates.

    •  PROFOUND EFFECT:  Live plants produce an atmosphere that has a unique effect of making people feel welcome. Live plants in the workplace shout out to everyone, "I really care about my staff and customers!". Visitors or workers sense that the place has something positive to give to them. They are much happier and become more productive employees or more relaxed clients.