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  • LeaseLeaves Indoor Plant Hire - Vehicle

    9 October at 20:03 from atlas

    We added a VW Caddy to our LeaseLeaves vehicles. This compact van is ideally suited to our need to regularly visit client offices and private homes in order to maintain the plants in excellent condition by providing the appropriate level of care and replacement. All the graphics for the signs on this vehicle were designed by ourselves in-house. This signage reflects how we will carefully select plants and containers to achieve exactly the right look and function which is specifically appropriate for your location. Rather than just provide some simple greenery, we would love to demonstrate to you some ideas of what can be done to complement the existing modern décor in your offices with some professionally chosen containers & plants. We call this "Plantscape". In this way we would like to help reinforce your image as being "a cut above" the rest in your customer's minds.