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  • Expensive Decision to Reduce Indoor Plants

    Would it be wise to cut out indoor plants from the budget? Management teams are under increasing pressure to improve income and reduce expenditure. Cutting out indoor plants from the budget may look an easy solution. However, this short-term saving could prove to be an expensive mistake! Why would it be a brave and expensive decision to remove indoor plants from an annual budget? Many studies, by university-professionals show that indoor plants are no longer an extravagance. A study by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) showed that one of the many benefits of plants was a 40-60% reduction in negative moods. In the control group (no plants present), stress levels rose by 20%. The measured levels of anger; anxiety; depression; confusion; fatigue and stress were all found to be lower in the study group where plants were present. More information about the UTS study:

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  • Indoor Plants Improve Health

    HAVE YOU walked into a painted room and noticed a 'chemical' smell? Or, is there a "new" smell with new carpet and furniture in the house or office? Do you love that "new-car smell"? • What are you actually smelling? • Is it bad for us? Prof. Burchett has researched effects on humans. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), when present indoors do produce toxic symptoms. • In one experiment, rats died when released into tanks with new carpets. Indoor Plants can achieve a complete removal of toxic VOCs in 24 hours. • Professor Burchett, IJTS said that potted plants do improve indoor air quality, "Potted plants will be increasingly used as a flexible indoor biofiltration system, as well as for beautifying indoor spaces." • Indoor Pot Plants reduce by one third the build-up of nitrogen oxides from gas fires and stoves. • A study demonstrated that Indoor Pot Plants reduce worker absenteeism by 60%! See:

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  • LEASELEAVES Brochure (Download here)

    LEASELEAVES Brochure - Tamworth Area • What is 'Sick Building Syndrome' • What are the Benefits of Live Plants • About Indoor Plant Hire • How to contact LeaseLeaves

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