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  • Indoor Plants Are Important for Our Health

    HAVE YOU walked into a painted room and noticed a 'chemical' smell? Or, is there a "new" smell with new carpet and furniture in the house or office? Do you love that "new-car smell"? • What are you actually smelling? • Is it bad for us? Prof. Burchett has researched effects on humans. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), when present indoors do produce toxic symptoms. • In one experiment, rats died when released into tanks with new carpets. Indoor Plants can achieve a complete removal of toxic VOCs in 24 hours. • Professor Burchett, IJTS said that potted plants do improve indoor air quality, "Potted plants will be increasingly used as a flexible indoor biofiltration system, as well as for beautifying indoor spaces." • Indoor Pot Plants reduce by one third the build-up of nitrogen oxides from gas fires and stoves. • A study demonstrated that Indoor Pot Plants reduce worker absenteeism by 60%! See:

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  • LEASELEAVES Brochure- Tamworth area

    LEASELEAVES Brochure - Tamworth Area • What is 'Sick Building Syndrome' • What are the Benefits of Live Plants • About Indoor Plant Hire • How to contact LeaseLeaves

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