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• INDOOR PLANT HIRE • TAMWORTH, NARRABRI & GUNNEDAH Professionally Designed & Fully Maintained Interior Plant Displays for Businesses and Homes.

INDOOR (Interior) PLANT HIRE - Tamworth, Narrabri & Gunnedah. LeaseLeaves is the professional provider of Indoor plants for hire in the Tamworth area, including Narrabri & Gunnedah. Rather than just provide some greenery, we would love to demonstrate how our professionally chosen plants display can complement your decor.
Live Plants in the Workplace
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1. Increase Employee Performance (Click Here) 2. Filter out harmful toxins in the air.
3. A visually pleasant place to work or do business.Visitors & workers are happier (Click Here)
More productive employees (Click Here)
More relaxed clients (Click Here)

"A green office communicates to employees that their employer cares about them" (Click Here) said psychology professor at University of Queensland.

People who work in environments with natural elements (such as greenery and sunlight), have:

1) higher well-being,
2) higher productivity,
3) higher creativity.
(Click Here) Scientific research shows that they are more likely to feel happy & motivated for the day ahead.

Mental Health Benefits of Office Plants: Here)